I finally get around to checking the valve clearance on the Drifter. . . .all was within acceptable tolerance.

Monday saw me doing a bit of fettling on the Campmaster - chiefly making a new bed support bar.

Tuesday and I took the lid off the Drifter engine - then went and shifted a Francis Barnett on the trailer.

Wednesday's plan was to take the B31 for a long ride.  Things went well as far as Ironbridge, then the side stand failed.

Came back home and repaired the stand . . . then finished off working on the Drifter engine.


Thursday morning started of well - I went to open the curtains and the whole plot came crashing to the floor.

No prizes for guessing what my first job of the day was . . .finished off making new control cables for the B31.


Friday and I get the ball rolling with regard to block paving the back garden.


Saturday and most folks were over at the Stafford show - my leg won't let me walk that far so I took the B33 for dinner down the cafe.


Sunday was spent what I normally do on Saturday - tatting about in Ian's garage for a few hours.