Built back in 1994 - the Dog Kennel gets its first outing this year.

Monday and I test the compression on the B33 - not looking good.

Tuesday and the house goes back on the market due to a total timewaster.

Wednesday and my new tyres for the Campmaster arrive.  I pull the top end off the B33 - valve gear is fine, the bore is glazed and the piston shows signs of siezure.

Thursday the new tyres get fitted to the Campmaster.  I joined the RAC, after being an AA member since 1988 . . . it does pay to shop around - over £50 cheaper for the same service.

Friday was a do nothing kind of a day, so that's what I did . . . . nothing. . . .it seems the  house may have sold ( again ),  Fingers crossed.

Saturday and I took DOT and the Dog Kennel down to the 'Dashers for the night - I intend  to go to Mill Meece in the morning, so I'm already on the doorstep.

Sunday was the classic bike day at Mill Meece.

A slideshow can be seen HERE . . . . and a short video can be seen HERE.