Sunday saw us heading East to avoid the rain . . . it got us on the way back.

Monday and my fence painting is now complete.

Tuesday saw me fettling a BSA A7 - then it was time for my diabetic eye screening and eye test,  Thanks to Ian for the lift there and back.

Wednesday and DOT goes over to Steve's Autos to get the gearbox sorted.

The TCT gets some new front LED running lights.   It seems the Starcati has suffered a broken crankshaft -  oops.


Thursday and DOT comes back home.  The B33 went out to test the rebore and new piston - it seized up three times between B&Q and back home.


Friday was spent fishing over at Ockeridge with Wayne - a day spent away from things with engines.


Saturday and I take the top end back of the B33 - the bore needs another .004" taking out of it.


Sunday and I took DOT for a test run - the torque converter is now locking up . . . so all being well this should see a marked increase in MPG too.