Wartburgs, Trabants, Ladas, MZs and even a CZ  -  A definite Eastern Bloc feeling to the day.

Bank Holiday Monday was wet and windy all day - so I never went out anywhere.

Tuesday and I didn't feel at all well, so once again nothing got done.

Wednesday and the Guzzi went for MOT - then went for dinner down the cafe.   The B33 got put back together.

Thursday and I did a bit of D14 fettling then took the B33 out on test - not good, the piston nipped up again.

Friday and I had a day off and went fishing.

Saturday and I tried lowering the gearing on the B33 - it nipped up again.  Got back and took the Goldie cams out - I'll try the originals back in and see what happens.

Sunday and I put the original cams back in the B33, checked and set the ignition timing, then went for a test run.   100 miles without seizing - that seems good to me.