The home of HPA - which tends to get drunk on Thursday and Sunday evenings.

Monday was spent fishing at Wassell Grove.

Tuesday and I took the MZ for MOT - it passed . . . it also started running backwards . . .which was interesting when I went to let the clutch out.

Wednesday and DOT paid a visit to the Wye Valley brewery.

Thursday and the B33 went around the Severn Valley - testing both the bike and the new lens I'd got for the Pentax.. . . . both worked well.

Saturday was spent on the lathe making an adapter to fit a Mikuni carb to the MZ.

Sunday and it was over to the Borders Classic show at Cleobury Mortimer - once again on the B33 - calling in at the cafe on the way home.

A slideshow can be seen HERE.  . . . . and a video can be seen HERE.