The B31 has all of Exmoor to play on.

Monday and it was a trip up to Sheffield to get a towbar fitted to the Bongo.

Tuesday was a trip to the foot clinic - the rest of the day was spent fitting a wiring harness to the Bongo.

Wednesday and it was over to KSA Electrical Services in Birmingham to get my radio fitted.

Thursday was a day of doing very little - something I seem to be getting the hang of.

Friday and I took the B31 for MOT - seems I missed last year's . . . . probably 'cos the bike was off the road with a shot big end.

Got a number plate made for the trailer, then loaded the B31 up and set off for Porlock.


Saturday and the first stop was they tyre place in Minehead to get my wheel balancing checked.

The rest of Saturday was spent riding the B31 around the Devon / Somerset countryside.

A slideshow can be seen HERE - a video can be seen HERE.


Sunday was the uneventful journey back home - still feels like there's a wheel out of balance to me - I'll get it looked at in the week.