I order a carrier for the D14 . . . but it didn't fit . . . so the carrier came off the B175 and went on the D14 . . .the new carrier was fettled to fit the B175 . . .confused?   So was I.

Monday saw me doing a bit of tidying up in the garage ( again ).

Thursday saw me trying to fit a carrier to the D14 Sports . . . and failing.

Friday and the MZ was insured following the original logbook turning up - it can go for MOT in the new year.

Whilst I was in a fettling mood, I took the carrier off the B175 and made it fit the D14 Sport - then made the new carrier fit the B175.


Sunday and I took the Bongo to "The Cottage Kitchen Country Cafe" - which is what the Windy Ridge Cafe is now called.

Found the place rammed, so it was time for "Plan B" - which meant dinner at the Riverside chippy in Matlock Bath.