Down the cafe for Sunday dinner.

Monday was a busy day.  Took the front suspension off DOT, then fettled the B33 swing arm to take the new wheel spindle.

Tuesday and I fitted electronic ignition to the D14.  Carried on with fettling DOT's front end.

Wednesday and it was more fettling, then over to Bournes to drop off some bits for powder coating.

Thursday and it was off to the NEC for the camping and caravan show.   Bought myself a new trailer tent - it should be ready to collect in early May.

Friday and it was off to the foot clinic, then over to Bournes to collect my bits.

Took the B33 disc brake hub over to Mike to have a 19" rim laced up to it.

Saturday was spent fettling a B44.

Sunday and it was actually warm enough to venture out on the Guzzi. . . . . .you can guess where we ended up.