Conwy Castle - the clue is in the name - it's a castle, and it's at Conwy.

Monday was a kind of  do nothing day - I did get a few bits from Machine Mart, and that's about as good as it got.


Tuesday was spent running around getting things done - dropping things off - picking things up.


Wednesday and the Bullet gets a new battery - the old one was fitted back in 2006.


All day Thursday was spent riding the MZ - Andy M was also on his MZ.

Conwy Castle was the destination - both stinky two strokes performed just as they should.

A video of today's ride can be seen HERE.


Friday and I pick up the radiator for DOT - £180


Saturday was spent making new radiator mountings and doing a bit of painting.


Sunday and I took the Bullet to the summit of Clee Hill - calling in at the cafe on the way home.

Got back and finished the radiator mountings.