Gordon's Reliant engined outfit, complete with new paint job.

Monday and the radiator gets fitted back into DOT . . . .then another hot water device fails - my kettle.  

Over to Currys for a new one.


Tuesday and I took the radiator back out of DOT - it seemed to be leaking ATF on one of the oil cooler unions.

Took it back over to West Mercia Radiators to be checked.,


Wednesday was a long day.   Took the Bongo down to Bodmin, in Cornwall, and came back with a BSA A65 Thunderbolt.


Thursday and I got DOT's radiator back - no leaks were found.

Re-made all the oil pipe connections - so far it  hasn't leaked.


Friday and I did a bit of fettling on a BSA B44.

Took DOT on a short test run - looks like the radiator is working fine now.


Saturday and the rear wheel for the disc brake conversion on the B33 was ready to collect.

Had a new tyre put on, then put the wheel back in the bike and bled the brake.


Sunday and I took the B33 up to the Raven Cafe for the "Bikers Big Breakfast".   From there it was back to the

Food Stop cafe in Quatford.    The disc brake is a success.