DOT and Andy's MZ lurking at the Foxfield Railway's "Classic Vehicle Day"

Monday and the TCT went for MOT - passed with no problems.

Decided that my decidedly grey beard should change colour - red - which sort of came out pink.   Whoops.


Spent Tuesday fettling the electrics on DOT. 

Gave the beard another "coat of paint" - looks redder now.


Wednesday was a visit to the dentist - all biting equipment seems in good order.


A bit more B33 fettling on Thursday - and another "coat of paint" on the beard.


Friday, being wet and cold, was spent in the garage.


Saturday and I get a phone call to say my new trailer tent is now ready for collection - a good three or four weeks early.

Looks like a trip down the M1 on Tuesday then.


Sunday was a classic vehicle show at Foxfield Railway.

Andy M took his MZ, and I took DOT . . . .had to have dinner in the Castlewood Cafe on the way back.

A few photographs can be seen HERE