This Sunday saw me at the classic bike show, held at Staffordshire County Showground.

Monday was a visit to the dentist - no problems - which is always good to hear.

Tuesday and I took DOT down to Billing Aquadrome and came home with my new trailer tent.

Wednesday and I took the A65 for MOT - it passed, but there are a few things that will need sorting out.

Thursday was spent doing a bit of B44 fettling - namely trying the coil from my Bantam on Albert's B44. . . .Albert's bike now runs as it should.

Friday was spent taking the front end off the A65 - I said there were some things that needed sorting out.

Saturday and a new coil and condenser get fitted to Albert's B44.

Sunday and I venture to the Stafford show - I paid for it, leg-wise, the next day though.

A photograph album of the show can be found HERE.