The B175 goes to find fame and fortune in London.

Tuesday and the B175 went for MOT - tomorrow it will be on the way down South.

Wednesday and I load the B175 on the trailer and head for Sutton - got caught in "that rain" on the way home.

"Rain" is a bit of an understatement - torrent of Biblical proportions wouldn't do it justice.

Thursday and I took the B33 for MOT, then made a new silencer mounting for DOT - both rubber "cotton reels" had failed.

Friday and I took the new trailer tent down the 'Dashers for Ollie's birthday bash.   Got soaked twice - gave up and went back in the Bongo.

Saturday saw me in Bulwell sorting out a Bantam gearbox.  The bearing behind the clutch basket wasn't fully against the circlip.

A simple fix, but a bit of a bugger to find in the first place.


Sunday and I packed a wet trailer tent away and came back home - luckily I can dry this one out without any assistance.