The Starfire and the B31 sitting in the sun . . . whilst we went and sat in the Riverside Cafe.


Monday and we came back from Porlock . . . the weather forecast was right - it did rain.


Tuesday was spent filling in paperwork and trying to fit points to the MZ.


Wednesday was spent working out why the new points didn't fit the MZ . . . they had been made almost a millimetre shorter than the worn points that came out.

Electronic ignition may be the solution.


Thursday and I pulled the primary side off the B33 - oh dear, those clutch plates are worn beyond repair.

Fitted the chain drive clutch assembly which I bought as "insurance" when I built the bike.


Friday and I took the B33 on a 250 mile test run - it's undergeared with the new clutch, and the knocking sound from the

back end is still there ( I thought it may have been the gearbox sprocket working loose - hence removing the primary drive side ) 

A "comfort curry" at the Sanam was in order when we got back.              At least I took a video of today's ride - which can be found HERE.


Saturday and I found what was causing the knocking noise . . . a broken spoke in the rear wheel.

Ah well - at least the electronic ignition for the MZ arrived - so I spent a bit of time fitting that.   I'll take it for a test run later in the week.


Sunday and it was a visit to the show at Trimpley, on the B31 - followed by dinner down by the river at Bewdley.

The photographs can be seen HERE.