Two of East Germany's finest.

Monday and the B33 had a new spoke put in the rear wheel - it was a broken spoke causing the knocking noise.


Tuesday and the Bullet went for MOT - and the clutch cable almost failed on the way home.


Wednesday and I had brekky with Andy V at  "Eljay's" - -  which became "Simma's"  - - - and is now "Harry's"


Thursday and I welded the broken bracket on the Bullet's carrier.


Friday and it was time to test the new "Power Dynamo" ignition which I fitted to the MZ last week.

Went down the cafe ( no surprise there ) and then on to Hampton Loade.   The bike ran fine.


Saturday and I did a bit of fettling on a D3 Bantam - mainly fitting an "Electrex World" ignition system.


Sunday and it was off to Mill Meece on the A65, then dinner at the Raven, before heading home via Ironbridge.

The A65 is doing a tad over 40 mpg - ah well, I didn't buy it for its fuel economy.

The photographs of Sunday's outing can be found HERE.