David Dale's D7 and my D14/4S take a rest at Winston Churchill's place.

Monday saw me taking a look at Andy M's email client, which for some reason has decided not to work. . . . all good fun, as they say.

Tuesday was spent in the garage making up a stainless steel exhaust for the bike Andy M is building.

Wednesday was spent fettling the A65 engine.

Thursday - another fettling day.

Friday and was off shopping for A65 bits - it was then the turn of the B33 to receive a little tender loving care.

Saturday and I took a ride over to CMC at Cannock with Andy V - yep, he's back on the road.

Sunday and it was time for the "Chicken Run" - or Bantams at the Ace Cafe.

The photographs can be found HERE, and the video can be found HERE.