I dunno - you wait for ages, then fifteen come along at once.

Monday was spent recovering from yesterday's outing - but it was worth it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent sorting the A65 out - mainly getting the oil tank and crankcases cleaned - thanks to Roger M for that.

Thursday was spent putting new bearings in the A65 bottom end.

Friday and the bottom end is together . . . .  and Andy M now has a working email client once more.

Saturday and it rained - so I fitted a new lock to my back door.

Sunday got off to a great start - I put a couple of gallons of diesel in the B33 . . . it would only run at a fast tickover, but I did manage to get back home.

Finally managed to find the Nottingham end of the Great Central Railway - I say "finally" 'cos when we went in August we couldn't find the place.

The photographs can be found HERE and the video can be found HERE.