No - I don't know either . . . .maybe it's some kind of health and safety thing regarding the spikes on the fence ?

Monday and I dropped some bits off to be powder coated.

Tuesday and the B31 went for MOT - then I dropped the A65 brake shoes in to be relined.

Wednesday and my powder coating was done - so it was over to Bournes to collect it.

Then it was back home to change the oil and filter on the B3

Thursday and I took the Bantam carb in to be re-sleeved and then picked up and fitted the A65 brake shoes.

Friday and the A65 bottom end was put back in the frame - along with new oil lines and a cartridge filter.

Saturday and I generally did a bit of fettling and a bit of listing stuff on eBay.

Sunday and it was over to Hampton Loade station on the B33 for the unofficial classic bike day.  I did have to go back home because the B33 started leaking oil.

Seems that when I put the new filter on four days ago, I didn't removed the original rubber sealing ring . . .  two rings don't seal well at all.  Soon sorted though.

The photographs from Sunday's event can be found HERE and the video can be found HERE.