The A65 gets a new oil pump stud made - you can see the thread damage on the lower one.

Monday and it was seven years ago today when some dozy twat changed my life forever . . . . so I went out on the B33 - just 'cos I could.

Tuesday and the Bantam got a reconditioned carburettor.

Wednesday and the reconditioned carburettor actually got fitted to the Bantam - runs fine - no longer does the slide rattle with a "little end knackered" sort of a sound.

Thursday and it was over to the crem for Skull's send off - saw a few faces from back in the days of "The Anchor"

Friday and it was up to Andy's to give him a hand with his MZ

Saturday and it was time to make a new oil pump stud for the A65 - it's only taken me about three weeks to get around to it.

I would liked to have gone to Kington for the bonfire, but my right knee still ain't up to walking very far.

Sunday and at 6º it was a tad cold - when that cold was joined by rain, I headed back home . . . then Andy came down and we ventured to the cafe in the car.