Opened in 1972 - the footbridge over the river Severn at Arley.

Monday was spent grabbing a few bits and pieces.

Tuesday and I spent most of the day sleeping - which is never a good idea.

Wednesday, and seeing as I slept most of yesterday, I was up bright and early . . . so I had a day of throwing stuff out.

Thursday and it was remarkably mild for the time of year - so I took the A65 for a test ride down to the cafe.

The timed crankcase breather is leaking oil . . . so that will have to be sorted . . .I won't tolerate oil leaks.


Friday was spent performing an "autopsy" on the A65 and the associated oil leak.

I think a breather straight from the crankcase, running up and over the engine and ending with a Royal Enfield "duckbill" as a non-return valve, should do the trick.


Saturday and I fitted an ignition switch to the BSA C12 up at Ian's garage, then made a crankcase breather for the A65 by soldering a

brass spigot onto the blanking plate for the timing hole - it looks like it will do the job.


Sunday and the Enfield Bullet went out for dinner - then took a look at the river down at Arley.