Scooters, trials bikes, road bikes, scramblers . . . more bikes than you could shake a stick at.

Monday and I fixed the horn on the B31 - and that was as much as I did.


Tuesday and I double checked my "measured mile" which I use when calibrating speedos.


Wednesday was foot clinic time, then over to get an MOT on the MZ,

Finished off the wiring on the Trident.


Thursday and it was over to Hitchcocks for a petrol tank filler cap.

I swapped petrol tanks on the Bullet - the original needs a bit of restoration on the artwork.


Friday was day of rest.


Saturday and five of us went over to Newark for the bike show.

The photographs can be found HERE.


Sunday and I made a start on fitting the new speedo to the B31.

The A65 also has a nice new stainless steel carrier to be fitted.