The B31 gets a new electronic Smiths speedo . . which failed after 8 miles  . .  so it gets a replacement electronic Smiths speedo . .  which failed before it had covered 1 mile.

Monday saw me getting in touch with the folks who supplied my new Smiths speedo - it seems Smiths are now doing a "new improved" clock - but they are sending out the wiring instructions for the old clocks.

Nothing that a phone call couldn't sort out.


Tuesday saw the final bit of wiring on the Trident.


Wednesday and the display on the new Smiths clock failed - after covering all of eight miles.

Once again, nothing that a phone call and a fifty mile round trip didn't fix.


Thursday and the weather was rather nasty - so I didn't take the B31 along my measured mile to calibrate the new speedo which I fitted yesterday.


Friday and another wet and windy day - so it was off in Andy M's car over to the cafe - calling in at Telford Farmers Market on the way.


Saturday and I set off along my measured mile to calibrate the new speedo - the display on this one failed before even one mile was covered.

I'm afraid if this is the new improved Smiths clock, then I want one from the old stock - or failing that - a totally different make altogether.

I'll see what the supplier says on Monday.


Sunday was another one of those grey and wet days - so as you can imagine, not a lot was done.