The A65 keeps its head.

Monday and it was off to the dentist - everything in good biting order.


Wednesday and it was off to Birmingham - a photograph on Facebook showed Vale-Onslow's showroom being demolished.

I had to go and see for myself - and there's a space where the showroom once stood . . . . sad times indeed.


Friday and it was up to the Sanam for a curry - Andy M's birthday, but any excuse for a curry will do for me.


Sunday and it was off with the A65's head - there's a slight oil leak from one of the head studs, and I won't tolerate a leaky head.

Seeing as it rained all day, Andy M did the driving and we went over the cafe.  

I finished putting the A65 back together when I got home. . . . I'll give it a test ride when the weather picks up.