A set of Phillips bulkhead light fittings that were rescued from a lift shaft back in 2002 - I knew I'd find a use for 'em one day.

Monday and I fitted a new timing side gasket to the A65.

Tuesday and it was over to Darlaston for the open mic night at the Prince of Wales . . . a pub I last played in back in 1985

The rest of the week was a bit of a laid back affair.

I took the A65 seat over to Leightons - it needs firmer padding, and Trim-Tec just ain't got the right material.


Saturday and my gates were delivered - a bit too wet and cold to go about fitting them though.

Sorted out a limit switch to use on the gates so that my lights go out when the gates are closed.


Sunday and it was over to the cafe in the car - there were quite a few bikes parked outside - they were on their way home from the Dragon Rally.

Been there - done that - got the rally badge. . . . . far too wet and cold for me to be riding these days.