Cuppa time on the way home from Malvern.

Monday saw me out on the TCT - going over to Hitchcocks for a few bits and pieces.


Tuesday and I removed the engine from the A65 - it's going for a little holiday by the seaside - and should be all better when it comes back home.


Wednesday and I took the A65 engine away to get a few things done to it.

I had a message today that Donna, my long time friend who used to keep the local pub, had died suddenly - she moved to Australia ten years ago, so I don't think I'll be at the funeral.


Thursday and the B33 went over the cafe for dinner.


Friday was spent generally fettling things.


Saturday and I sorted the light switch out on Keith's Velocette .


Sunday and it was over to Malvern for the "Festival of Transport" as it's now called.

The photographs can be found HERE - and the video can be found HERE.