The Trail Blazer and the B31 enjoying the Welsh countryside . . . . before the rain decided to pay a visit.

Monday and I traded my Pentax camera in for . . . . . another Pentax

Tuesday and I took the Drifter out for a run - I really should either use this bike more or sell it.

Wednesday and the TCT went for MOT - which it passed.

Thursday was a bit of an allsorts day.

Friday and it was time to load the B31 on the trailer and head down to Kington for a few days.

Saturday and we covered just under 180 miles - it was dry but just a tad too cold for comfort.

Sunday was warmer, so we set off to find the "Water Breaks Its Neck" waterfall, then on to the dams.

Sadly the rain started when we reached Rhayader . . . and it never stopped.   Ah well, it was good whilst it lasted.

The photographs can be found HERE, and the video can be found HERE.