DOT gets some shiny powder coated wheels.

Monday and I load the B33 back onto the trailer and head for home - a video of the weekend's riding can be found HERE..

Tuesday and I fit the wheels back on DOT - and very nice they look too.

Wednesday and I went to court in Wolverhampton for my PiP appeal - they upheld the decision that I am not entitled to the higher mobility component.

So that's no blue badge, no free car tax and worse off by £36 a week. . . . . just something else to thank the careless twat for who caused all this in the first place.


Thursday and the B33 gets a new alloy clutch pressure plate.


Friday and it was a bit more fettling on the B33 - new clutch springs needed - looks like a trip to Vale-Onslow tomorrow morning then.


Saturday and new clutch springs were indeed fitted.


Sunday and I took the B33 out for a run.  For some reason it decided to jump the exhaust push rod . . .most odd.

Took a look at the Victoria Bridge on the SVR, then dinner at the Riverside Cafe in Bewdley.