Two MZs up at High Peak Junction.

Monday was spent fettling the A65 - mainly minor things, but things that needed sorting sooner rather than later.


Tuesday and it was load the B33 on the trailer and head off to Kington for a few days - had a scenic ride around the Elan Valley later on.


Wednesday and it was a 200 mile trip around the Gower.

The photographs can be found HERE and the video can be found HERE.


Thursday was spent between Devil's Bridge and Aberystwyth.


Friday and my left hip decided it didn't want to work - good job I was coming home anyway.  

Spent five minutes figuring out how to get out of the Bongo when I eventually got home.


Saturday and my leg was a lot better - so I did a bit more running-in of the A65.


Sunday and it was two stroke time - with a pair of MZs heading into Derbyshire.

The photographs can be found HERE. and the video can be found HERE