A few of the wonderful exhibits at the Millmeece "general interest" rally.

Monday saw me taking the BRUB off the insurance policy - then chasing up the new Mikuni carb for the A65


Tuesday and rain stopped play.


Wednesday and I evicted a nest of wasps from the garage - oh what fun - and I never got stung once.


Thursday and it was off to Vale-Onslow for some "o" rings - I did order some earlier from Draganfly but there was no sign of 'em.

The new Mikuni arrived, so I started fitting it . . . . only to find there was no choke assembly with it. . . .phoned SRM and got that sorted out.


Friday and the choke for the Mikuni arrived - so I fitted it.  

Next job was taking the front wheel out of the B33, removing the bearings, grabbing some new ones, fitting 'em and putting the whole plot back together again.


Saturday was spent fettling the wiring on Andy M's special.


Sunday and it was time to start running-in the A65 - over to Millmeece for the general interest rally, then the scenic route to the cafe for dinner.