Had to turn back and photograph this field of poppies - alongside the A449 just by the Caunsall turn if you must know.

Monday saw me fettling the Dog Kennel ( ready for sale, maybe ) then heading to Walsall and coming back with a new awning for the Bongo.


Tuesday and it was MOT time for the A65 - then on to the cafe for dinner.  Had to stop on the A449 and photograph the poppies growing happily in the sunshine.


Wednesday and it was take a look at a Bantam time - looks like it will be having an Electrex World system fitted.


Thursday was spent fettling various vehicles - which is always a good way to spend a day in my book.


Friday and I registered this 'ere domain for another five years

Took the Bongo and A65 down the 'Dashers and set up the new awning - did a bit of ukulele bashing until the wee small hours.


Saturday was spent riding the A65 and doing a bit of bike fettling at Ian's garage.


Sunday was the hottest day so far - uncomfortably hot.  Went from Halfpenny Green to the summit of Clee Hill, then down to Dom's for dinner.

Headed back to the 'Dashers via Ironbridge and a welcome ice cream.