The obligatory ice cream stop at Carsington Water.

Monday saw me at "Hill 62" - then spent the evening down in the town.


Tuesday was spent in the town of Poperinge - I noticed my "good" leg was starting to get a bit painful.


Wednesday - decided to head back home early - this leg doesn't feel like walking around much.

By midnight I was back home again. . . . . the video can be found HERE and the photographs can be found HERE.


Thursday was spent relaxing - and giving this leg a chance to recover.


Friday was spent fettling various things.


Saturday was a clutch fettling day for the B33


Sunday and it was up to Crich for the bike event.  Having seen the length of the queue, we opted to carry on riding instead.

200 miles later ( and the occasional ice cream ) we were back home.

The ( few ) photographs can be found HERE - and maybe, just maybe, the video can ( eventually ) be found HERE.