A relaxing sort of a weekend spent down at the 'Dashers.

Monday was spent doing a bit of fettling on the A65.

Tuesday was a tad moist - so it was a bit of Velocette fettling on Keith's machine.

Wednesday and I took the A65 on my "tem mile test route" - I'm still thinking that the gearbox oil is escaping along the gear change shaft.

I've bought some dye which fluoresces under ultra violet light - I'll bung some in the gearbox in the near future.

The Guzzi went on an 80 mile ride literally "around the Wrekin" - then I collected a side stand for the MZ, and promptly fitted it.


Thursday saw me fettling a BSA Bantam and a VW Beetle - neither of which are mine.


Friday - Happy Black Country day      

 The Guzzi had a new number plate fitted.       The B33 got a new primary side gasket fitted.


Saturday and I took that old favourite "DOT and The Dog Kennel" out for the first time in over a year.   The plan was to put a "For Sale" notice on it.

Having used the Dog Kennel again, I'm having second thoughts about selling it.


Sunday was a day of riding DOT, mainly between cafes - which is as good a way to spend a Sunday as any.