"Toods Corner" at the "Ugly Grub Ball"

Monday and it was a visit to the dentist . . . then back home to make some "magnetic sausages" for use with the Bongo and awning.

A magnetic sausage is a neodymium magnet encased in electrical shrink wrap - used to "stick" the awning to the side of the Bongo.


Tuesday was a do nothing apart from shopping kind of a day.


Wednesday and it was a visit to the doctors for my yearly check up - then on to the Lyng for a blood test.


Thursday and my ultra violet dye arrived, so I put some in the gearbox of the A65.

This proved the oil leak was from the gearbox - oil was running past the gear change shaft, then out onto the frame.


Friday and I fitted some new LED lights in the Dog Kennel . . . one of which failed after about two minutes.

DOT and the Dog Kennel made the 22 mile journey to the Grub's rally . . . where it rained all night.


Saturday and I fettle the A65 - seems there was way too much oil in the gearbox, which is odd because there's a level plug.

Anyway - with the correct amount of oil now in the gearbox, I took the bike on a test run.   Let's see how it looks after it's been standing a day or two.


Sunday and I left the Dog Kennel parked up at the rally site, ready to be collected on my way back from Stanford Hall.

Went to Founders Day on DOT, then picked up the Dog Kennel on the way home.

The photographs of Founders Day can be found HERE.