The "Bikers Breakfast" at the Darlaston Inn - just the place for a free bacon or sausage butty.

Monday and I took the A65 out on a test run - let's see if any oil appears in a few days time.


Tuesday and I took the B31 to Kelvindale, then on to Laila's Cafe for dinner.


Rather wet on Wednesday, so I spent a bit of time wiring a Triumph


Thursday and I made a device for putting tent pegs in without bending down - whether it works or not is another matter.  I'll test it next time I take the Dog Kennel out.


Friday and I looked at the A65 - it's still leaking.

The B33 got a 21 tooth engine sprocket - which had to be turned down before it would fit.


Saturday and I turned a spacer to fit the newly machined sprocket on the B33, then fitted the original ( but new ) four spring clutch, along with a new primary chain.

The belt drive clutch was a waste of time and money - no matter how it was set  up it would grab, making riding the bike a most unenjoyable experience.


Sunday and I took the B33 out on test.  First stop being the "Bikers Breakfast", then on to the 'Dashers before ending up down the cafe for dinner.

The clutch working fine - and the gearing is about right with the 21 tooth sprocket. . . .  all in all, a most happy B33 again.