Me - - - Tony - - - Sep - -  - Andy                                     Land's End - 40 years apart.                                             Me - - - Tess  - - - Andy

Monday was spent fettling the A65 and the Dog Kennel.

Tuesday and Wednesday were sort of  "do nothing " days.

Thursday was spent leisurely packing the Bongo ready for an earl start tomorrow.

Set off at half past four in the morning - arrived in Cornwall some time later.

Saturday and we went to Land's End to recreate a photograph we had taken there back in 1977.

In the original, I'm on the left, Tony Evans is next, then the thing in the orange is Robert (Sep) Hodgkins, and Andy Mountford is on the right.

This year sees me on the left again, this time Tess Butler ( who was "one of the lads" back when the original was taken ) is in the middle, and Andy Mountford is on the right.


Sunday and we took a ride over to Bude for a cuppa, then carried on to Boscastle for a pastie dinner.

Booked a minibus to take us all down to Looe later on.