All manner of weird and wonderful things spotted at Kington this weekend.

Monday and the B33 got two new tyres fitted.

Tuesday and the A65 went back to SRM for a bit of "problem solving" work

Removed the suspension  units from the bike trailer - they have "sagged" a bit over the years.


Wednesday and I had to take the primary side off the B33 - the alternator nut was loose.

Ordered some new suspension units for the bike trailer.


Thursday and the Bullet went for MOT.

The new Indespension units had arrived, so with the help of a couple friends from the lift industry, they were soon fitted.


Friday and I took DOT and the Dog Kennel down to Kington for the vintage show.


Saturday saw DOT covering some 220 miles of scenic Welsh touring roads.


Sunday and I took a look around at the Kington vintage show . . . . the photographs can be found HERE.