DOT & the Dog Kennel go to the seaside in Wales for the weekend.

Monday and I made a start on rewiring Gordon's outfit.

Tuesday and I took the Guzzi for MOT, then finished off Gordon's wiring.

Wednesday and I took the B33 over to Ladybower Reservoir.

For some reason the exhaust pushrod kept jumping.  This only happened when slowing down on about ¼ throttle.

I took the top off when I got home - the exhaust valve springs feel weaker than the inlet . . . . new springs ordered.


Thursday and I had a day doing very little - something I'm quite good at, or so my gaffer used to tell me.


Friday - DOT and the Dog Kennel head off to Barmouth for a couple of days.  . . .  of course it just had to rain.


Saturday and the rain had gone - I spent the day doing nothing, only this time I did it by the seaside.


Sunday and time to head home - 230 miles covered with no problems.

The video can be found HERE.