New springs and old springs - not too difficult to tell 'em apart is it ?

Monday and I took the valves out of the B33 - the exhaust valve was tight in the guide, that would explain the pushrod jumping.

Tuesday - fitted new valve springs to the B33 and put the whole plot back together again.

Wednesday and the B33 went on a 70 mile test ride - got home to find my "Cookie Jar" had arrived from the USA.

Thursday and the B33 went on a 160 mile test ride - everything seems fine.

Friday and it was off to the Summer Ballsup rally on DOT & the Dog Kennel

Saturday and I got to test my waterproofs out - at least I managed dinner at the Ponderosa.

Sunday and it was back from the rally.    A short video can be found HERE, and the photographs can be found HERE.