A few bikes and trains at Hampton Loade station on Sunday.

Monday and I did a bit of Dog Kennel fettling, then got in touch with SRM regarding my A65 - they've had it since mid August to sort out an oil leak.

Tuesday saw DOT over at Old Arley and Jackson's camping shop - I came home with a new kettle.

Did a bit of B33 fettling on Wednesday - namely replacing the hinge on the toolbox lid.

Thursday was a bit of a do nothing sort of a day.

Friday and it was over to Aberystwyth to collect the ( hopefully ) now leak free A65

Saturday and I had to sort out the failed indicators on the Bongo - it had taken a fuse out - checked all trailer plugs and sockets for loose wire strands.

Sunday and it was over to Hampton Loade on the A65 - I did notice a bit of oil under it when parked up for dinner.

I'll give the underside a good clean, then see how things go from there

As per usual, the video can be found HERE - and the photographs can be found HERE.