Sunday dinner at the cafe - - - nothing really new there then.

Monday and it was over to Streetly crematorium on the B31 to bid farewell to Alan Hunt.

Tuesday was one of those wet, cold, stay in the house sort of a day.

Wednesday saw me doing a bit of fettling on the TCT.

Thursday and I took an ETZ 125 for MOT, then came home and fitted new LED lights in the Dog Kennel.

Friday and my new garage doors got fitted - the Dog Kennel can once again live indoors.

Made a start on rewiring Andy M's Starfire.


Saturday - oh dear. I got up - did nothing - went to bed.  and that sums up Saturday.


Sunday and the sun was shining.  OK, so it was only about 6°, but that didn't stop us from going to the cafe for dinner.