The front end from the Drifter - a few bits will be going off to be powder coated in the near future.

Monday - or Christmas Day as some folks call it . . . . was spent mainly in the garage.

Tuesday was a rather wet and cold sort of an affair - best to stay indoors then.

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday.

Thursday saw the Moonshiners MCC having their post-Xmas feeding - which went well.

Friday was another stay indoors sort of a day.

Saturday and some kind soul dumped a load of builders rubble outside one of the garages . . . .

 . . . . trouble is, he did it in broad daylight . . . .in front of my security camera.  Relevant information has been passed on.


Sunday saw me ending the year in the garage - this time taking the front end of the Drifter - it needs a bit of TLC.