Some of the bikes on display down at Shepton Mallet this Sunday.

Monday and I find out that I can't get a stainless steel wheel rim for the Drifter - time for plan "B" - powder coat it satin black

Tuesday was a runabout day: Listers for a brake line, then drop the rim off at Bournes, before taking my bits to be chromed over to Castle Chrome.

Rounded the day off by going for a curry up at the Sanam.

Wednesday and my rim comes home - thanks to Tess for collecting it for me.

Thursday and the rim was taken to Black Cat Wheels for rebuilding.

Friday and my chrome bits were done, so I went and collected 'em.

Saturday and not a lot got done.

Sunday and it was down to Shepton Mallet for the Bristol bike show.

The photographs can be found HERE