Stourport - and either a flooded car park or the canal basin.

Monday and the temperature went into double figures - still a bit too much snow out there for me to venture out though.

Tuesday and it was mild enough to venture back into the garage and carry on with the Drifter.

I also fettled this 'ere computer . . . . which now has a SSD drive fitted.


Wednesday was a sort of a running around kind of a day.


Thursday saw me fitting a flasher unit to a Gold Wing trike - then fettling DOT's front brake calliper.


Friday and it was up to the clinic and an appointment with the nurse for my diabetic review . . .  all is fine.

Made a start on fitting LED light panels to garage No.4


Saturday was spent doing a bit of fettling on Andy M's Trailblazer wiring.


Sunday and it was a pair of stinky two stroke MZs heading for the cafe - and it never even rained.