Not what you want to see on Sunday morning when you have to ride home.

Monday . . .I'm another year older, and it pissed down with rain all day . . . . sounds about right.

Tuesday and I wired up some LED light panels in the top garage.

Wednesday and DOT went for MOT - passed with no worries.

Thursday and I loaded the Bongo up ready for our rally tomorrow.

Friday and it was time to set up the control tent, get the lights working, make sure the tea and coffee was available . . . .then wait for folks to arrive.

Saturday and it turned rather cold - most people went to Bridgnorth on the train - and came back to find the snow falling.

Sunday and it was rather white out there - some of us decided to stay an extra night 'cos the forecast was for decent weather on Monday.

There should be a video / slideshow HERE - once it's finished uploading.