The view through the cafe window this afternoon.

Monday and it was head for home, via Wednesfield to collect the Drifter rear wheel . . . then on to get the tyre fitted.

Tuesday and the rear wheel got fitted - then DOT got the front shock springs removed for powder coating.

Wednesday and I took my bits in for powder coating - then fitted the tank and front mudguard on the Drifter.

Thursday and the Drifter went for MOT - it passed.

Friday and DOT had the shock springs refitted.   The A65 had a bit of fettling.

Saturday was spent doing very little.

Sunday and a few club members met at the cafe, then went to pack away the control tent.   Some thieving bastards had taken the tent pegs, three of the trestles and a few other things.

We managed to find the trestles and one of the seats.   Headed back home, swapped the Bongo for the A65, then went over to "Greasy Lil's" for dinner.