Malvern show . . . . a certain BRUB won best 1990's bike . . . . it was the only 1990's bike there . . . .and they managed to give me the wrong plaque . . . . it said "Runner up".        Ah well, such is life.

Monday - typical Bank Holiday . . .cold and wet . . . so not a lot  happened.

Tuesday and I took Andy M and his special over for MOT

Wednesday and PJ Camping sent me a replacement for the faulty stove I bought from the NEC back in February.

Thursday and I took the Bantam over to Fred's for MOT - only to find Fred wasn't there.  No rush - I can go over next week.

Friday and I find the replacement stove has a broken catch - so I took the catch from the faulty stove.   All is now good in the stove department.

Saturday and I take the MZ up Ian's garage for a few hours, then come home and make a start on tidying it up a bit.

Sunday and it was over to the Three Counties Showground on the Drifter - where it won best 1990's bike.

The photographs can be found HERE.