The A65 and the Trail Blazer go out for Sunday dinner.

Monday and I rode the B31 up to the dentist - both the bike and myself were in good order.

Tuesday was cancelled due to lack of interest . . . . yep - it was "one of those days"

Wednesday and I didn't really do a lot - went out later to find they had put another 10 pence on a pint of beer.

Thursday and I took the MZ bits to be powder coated - then went and bought a new holdall for my fishing rods.

Friday and I dropped some bits off to be vapour blasted, then set off for Little Dewchurch and the Drifter rally.

I didn't stay the night - the rain meant I wasn't going to be on the ride out anyway - but it was good to catch up with some old friends.


Saturday and it was a bit of fettling up at Ian's garage.


Sunday and it was off for dinner on the A65.  Met up with a few of the B.M. folks at the cafe.

Coming home the battery on the A65 failed.  I ended up riding Andy M's Triumph back to my place, picking up the Bongo and trailer

then heading back to Himley to rescue Andy and my A65.