The A65 looking out across Porlock Bay.

Monday was a run around day - picking up the MZ bits from the powder coaters,

picking up a new battery for the A65 - then picking  up and fitting a photocell for my outdoor lights.


Tuesday and I took the A65 out on test, then came back and did a bit more on the MZ.


Wednesday saw me doing a bit of work on a 350 Enfield Bullet up at Ian's place.


Thursday was a day of doing nothing much.


Friday and it was off to Porlock for a few days.


Saturday - breakfast in Morrisons at Minehead, then off to the Haynes Car Museum at Sparkford.


Sunday - breakfast in Morrisons at Minehead, then on to Wimbleball Lake, Stogumber, Blue Anchor Bay, then back to the site.