Any colour you like, as long as it's orangey-redish.

 Monday and the B31 tank went to Bournes to be re-oranged . . .  the original stuff was coming away in flakes.

Tuesday the B31 tank came back - they found a pinhole in the central fixing tube - so it was brazed up and taken back to Bournes.

Wednesday and I took a look at the wiring on a Triumph Daytona - that'll be a job for next week then.

Thursday and the B31 tank came back . . . all nice and orangey again.

I should have been at a funeral later on, but all manner of events conspired against me getting there . . . .

. . . .mainly a faulty thermo switch on a Yamaha.  Ah well, these things happen.


Friday and the nice man from the council came down to look at my garage roof . . "Needs a new roof, that does"

Indeed it does.  Hopefully done before we have any more serious rain.

I later dug out my anorak and went over to Kidderminster station for the SVR's "Diesel Gala" - oh, and I had dinner there too.


Saturday's main event was collecting bits from the Post Office.


Sunday and it was meet up at Decathalon, then  head over to Mill Meece, before then going to Foxfield Railway and the "War Wheels" event.

Apart from losing the remote for my video camera ( and it subsequently getting run over ) it was a decent day out.

The video can be found HERE, and the photographs can be found HERE.