A change from Sunday dinner . . . . . Monday dinner.

 Monday and it was over to the Hotspur Cafe with Ken and Tony for a late brekky . . .  then on to the Food Stop for dinner.

A video can be found HERE.


Tuesday was one of those "not in the mood for anything" sort of a day.


Wednesday was spent wiring a Triumph Daytona.


Thursday was an excuse to make some noise under the Queensway Tunnels in Birmingham - then back home for some more MZ fettling.


Friday should have seen me down at Kington . . . but it never stopped raining . . . so with the help of Andy M, I put the engine back in the MZ


Saturday and the weather put paid to Kington - so once again it was more bike fettling


Sunday and it seemed a bit better weather-wise ( famous last words ), so it was off to the cafe for dinner.

Coming back we had some of the worse rain for a few years - the only plus side being the fact it wasn't cold.